Notre céramiste réalise un plat unique en céramique avec son tour et ses outils dans l'atelier à Fosses-la-ville.

Our history

Welcome to Capieaux Frédéric , Belgian architect and ceramist passionate about creating unique ceramic pieces for almost 10 years.

We invite you to discover its incredible universe where craftsmanship meets passion to give birth to authentic and original creations .


Artistic emergence:

" Originally from the province of Namur in Belgium, after training as a potter with Charles Stroobants in Gembloux, I transformed my artistic aspirations into tangible achievements.
As a self-taught versatile artist, I particularly enjoy working with various materials, including clay and glass .

I ventured to rework , cut and sculpt my turned pieces to give them new shapes , then integrating them into compositions combining concrete , steel and aluminum panels.

The cube and the Art of singular creation:

“Then a passion for enameling work was born.
After following training in enamel chemistry with Joelle Swanet, creating my own enamels seemed obvious to me.
All creations , with unique colors, therefore present singular shapes , including a centerpiece: the Cube.

Artistic exploration:

"I particularly enjoy working with various materials , notably clay and glass . In 2021 , I had the honor of being selected to participate in the Biennale de l'Art Céramique in Andenne , a recognition of my artistic commitment and my creative evolution.

Scented Candles: Artistic Fusion

The idea of ​​creating scented candles seemed obvious, harmoniously merging my passion for craftsmanship and my attraction for captivating fragrances . By exploring the multiple creative possibilities offered by ceramics, I realized that I could broaden my artistic field beyond sculpture. Scented candles have become a new canvas for me, a new medium to explore, where visual aesthetics meet olfactory experience .